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Supply Chain Management


Procurement Services

N Health provides full range of procurement services from medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment, constructions & services and to general supplies with world class technology; e-sourcing and e-procurement.

Our skilled and experienced buyers such as pharmacists, medical technologists, and engineers with Certificate in Purchasing and Supply (CPS) or Certified Purchasing Knowledge (CPK) in each commodity do strategic sourcing, transparent processing, and automatic ordering work flow along with contract specialists/lawyer team to ensure that client achieve and maintain competitiveness within domestic and international healthcare industry.

Inventory Management

N Health is the service provider of inventory management include purchasing planning, inventory control, storage, and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices by teams of experienced pharmacists for hospitals to dispense drugs to customer with high-quality service and consistent with patient safety goals as well as international standard of medical treatment.

Logistics Management

N Health, a healthcare logistics services provider, offer in-hospital and external logistics and manage fleet operations to support hospital and commercial networks in designing and optimizing transportation routing.

We provide transportation and delivery of medicine, medical supplies, specimens, blood products and document within hospitals. With copyrighted application and process, the Mobile Transporter©, we enable to give on-time delivery, traceability and accurate services to maximized patient safety.

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