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Linen Managament


N Health has modernized the face of healthcare linen management in Thailand. We offer high-quality linen products and laundry services for hospitals with reliable IT system and technology in order to provide total linen management solutions to reduce investment and linen loss.

Our laundry processing operates under JCI, HA and ISO quality standards for healthcare industry. Hospitals significantly benefit from the services which can ensure efficiency in time and cost management with our initiated Pay-Per-Use system, hygiene linen, integrated and unique services that meet hospital needs for patient comfort, safety, and trust.

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Quality and Standardization
  • Medical standard laundry processing
  • Meet JCI, HA and ISO quality standards
  • Durable, high quality, and tailor-made linen supply
  • Integrated qualitative and quantitative reports
Total Solution
  • Total Linen Supply Management supported by reliable IT system and technology (N Health Linen Plus+® System & Mobile Transporter®)
  • Exclusive Linen Management consultation
  • Demand-driven linen inventory management
  • Customize individual linen packing management
Cost Control
  • Actual cost with linen Pay-Per-Use System
  • Optimize PAR level by IT stock system to control linen central stock
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