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Pathology Laboratory

Our Pathology Laboratory is a premier full-service pathology laboratory, providing expertise in anatomic, molecular and digital pathology services. We carry out experiments on the latest pathological equipment supporting Histopathology, Cytopathology, and Immunohistochemistry. Our integrated diagnostic consultation and further uncommon pathological studies by American Board certified pathologists whose years of their direct experiences vary in the fields of expertise will help personalize patient care to optimize treatment plan.

Our pathology laboratory services include:

  1. Surgical Pathology: The surgical pathology evaluates tissues removed from living patients during surgery or other types of invasive procedures in order to
    1. Diagnose of disease (or lack thereof) in any case where tissue is surgically removed from a patient and aid in the development of a treatment plan
    2. Determine the surgical margin/ frozen section
It may involve other evaluations such as immunohistochemistry, Histochemistry or other laboratory tests.
Working Flow: (minimum turnaround time is around 24 hours)
  1. Register specimen and patient information in the system
  2. Cutting up/ Gross examination
  3. Tissue Processing
  4. Embedding 
  5. Sectioning
  6. Water bathing
  7. Picking Up Sections
  8. Staining by using Hematoxylin & Eosin stain (H&E)
  9. Mounting
  10. Analyze by pathologist
  11. Report generation
2. Cytopathology: Cytopathology studies and diagnoses diseases on the cellular level. It is generally used onsamples of free cells or tissue fragments. A common application of cytopathology is the Pap smear, used as a screening tool, to detect precancerous cervical lesions and prevent cervical cancer. Cytopathology is also commonly used to investigate thyroid lesions, diseases involving sterile body cavities (peritoneal, pleural, and cerebrospinal), and a wide range of other body sites. It is usually used to aid in the diagnosis of cancer, but also helps in the diagnosis of certain infectious diseases and other inflammatory conditions.
Digitalized for Diagnosis and Report
For the proper symptom diagnosis, N Health has developed digital pathology so that pathologist can promptly diagnose and report detailed results in the form of an analysis report together with high resolution photographs showing the pathological condition of cells as well as reinforcing physician's consideration with the diagnosed samples.

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