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Equipment and Medical Supplies Distributorship


A proven partner for healthcare companies, we offer a wide range of medical devices, medical supplies, consumer health products as well as and deliver these products to many healthcare outlets through hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, drugstores, dentists, optical outlets, etc.

Our range specialized services include registration based on the required legal framework, procurement, marketing & sales, distribution & logistics and after sales services.

Equipment Solutions

We are a distributor of premium-quality hospital and homecare beds equipment solutions. A variety of product such as patient bed, surgical table and light, Non Invasive Cardiac System monitoring, and many more are offered to meet the different needs of caregivers and recipients.

Our reliable after-sales services provide transportation, installation, consultancy on the safe use of products, inspection, bed maintenance, and spare part management to prolong use life of the products.

Medical Supplies Solutions

To supply innovative and high quality medical supplies with integrated logistics services at competitive price, N Health has partnered with well-known and certified suppliers which offer trusted brand products.

Product assortments include examination and surgical gloves, 3-ply face masks, Steri-sets, bed cover sheet, laboratory supplies, and lots more are carefully chosen by our specialists.

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Clinical Benefit

  • Expand customer experience with trusted brand products
  • Products pass durability test to assure patient safety and improved clinical staff satisfaction that results in higher quality care
  • Guaranteed response time and healthcare products availability

Professional Care

  • Working hand-in-hand with customers by knowledgeable sales and customer support team
  • Sourcing high quality healthcare products by specialist and from manufacturers which certified by international standards such as ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO18001, ISO9001 standards
  • Think Different for innovative outcome
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