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Biomedical Engineering Solutions


N Health provides a wide range of innovative tailor-made medical equipment management solutions by the largest pool of bio-medical engineers in Thailand

Total Integrated Solutions

Our services include calibration, maintenance, medical technology assessment, asset utilization management, equipment pool service management, indoor air quality inspection, leasing/rentals and investment feasibility studies for all kind medical equipment from simple stethoscope to a complicated Cyclotron.

Clinical Benefit

Our extensive expert in biomedical engineering services benefit to hospital’s equipment availability which increase quality of care and trust, cost management, and efficiency procurement thus we have been trusted to manage medical equipment for over 100 hospitals in Thailand.

Effective medical equipment programs and services featuring

  • Full Maintenance Services: Keeping the medical equipment to be in good condition is our job by designing the maintenance plan and the medical equipment calibration to assure that the equipment are up to standard and ready to use.
  • Equipment Pool services are the central storage and preservation of the medical equipment to be available at any time.
  • Asset Management is the management of the highly expensive medical equipment in order to meet its international standard and to reach the utmost utilization.
  • Investment Consultant Service: We provide advice to the hospital’s top management regard investing in medical equipment to manage the cost and the feasibility study for its purchasing consideration

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