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23 January 2018

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a disease caused by metabolic disorders causes accumulation of fat particularly around the waist and belly. These fats break down into free fatty acids into the liver which cause insulin malfunction and insulin resistance leading to diabetes, high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, heart attack, stroke and paralysis. It is estimated that around 1/3 of population have the metabolic syndrome. The risk of metabolic syndrome is high in people with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking habit, obesity or overweight.

1. Eating excess body needs along with lack of proper exercise
2. Genetic abnormalities that cause the body to accumulate fat
3. Cushing syndrome that body produces a lot of cortisol hormones, causing the body to accumulate fat
4. Taking certain medications that have an effect on appetite such as anticonvulsants or psychotropic drugs, birth control     pills, steroids

We can prevent and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome by controls the blood glucose, cholesterol, and reducing waist to normal level by reducing fatty foods and high sugar foods. It is also recommended to have more fruits and vegetables, and regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day per 5 days a week.

Diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome
A person with the following conditions is defined as having the metabolic syndrome: Waist circumference ≥ 80 cm in women or ≥ 90 cm in men and any two of the following factors:
1. Faster Blood Glucose level ≥ 100 mg / dl
2. Triglyceride levels ≥ 150 mg.dL.
3. HDL ≤ 50 mg / dl in women and ≤ 40 mg / dl in men.
4. Blood pressure ≥ 130/85 mmHg
In addition, there are lab tests that help diagnose metabolic syndrome, such as Steatotest, Adiponectin, etc.

N Health provides lab tests to diagnose metabolic syndrome as described below:

The test should be under the discretion of a physician.  |  The mentioned test is performed by the laboratory with ISO 15189 certification and lab accreditation.

*This operation schedule is for the test performed at N Health head quarter, Bangkok. **Above turnaround time does not include logistic time. For BDMS network hospitals, please contact N Health laboratory located at your hospitals.


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